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To: BNSF 3PL Customers

Improved Tracing Capabilities for Approved 3PLs

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies that have been granted authority by BNSF shippers to track their shipments can benefit from recent system enhancements that allow access to online tracing.

3PLs authorized through a letter of authorization (LOA) will now have access to their partners’ waybill information. This will allow them to trace and manage shipments and avoid receiving “not authorized” messages. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring access.

  • Verify that your shipper(s) have a current LOA on file with BNSF that includes your 3PL company name.
  • If you do not already have a BNSF Web user ID and password, go to for access. Click on Welcome and your name to personalize your home page and update your profile.
  • Update your customer subscriptions profile to receive the most recent advisories and updates about your shipments.
  • Use the Web tools first for the fastest response time when tracking your shipments.
  • Click here for instructions for the LOA.
These BNSF secure Web tools make shipment monitoring and equipment management easier and more productive:
  • Track Your Shipment – Access real-time movement information.
  • Rail Central – Create customized movement reports to meet your business needs.
  • Unit History – Receive up to 13 months of trace information about a shipment.
  • Online Web Inquiry – Submit online questions about shipments to Customer Support and receive an e-mail response during business hours.
  • Customer Subscriptions – Subscribe to receive 24-hour updates and service advisories about your shipments. After logging onto your home page, select Applications > Manage > Customer Subscription Service.
These system enhancements will improve your experience when using BNSF Web tools. If you have any questions, call eBusiness at 888-428-2673 and select option 4, then option 1, or call Customer Support at 888-428-2673 and select option 4, then option 3.

If you have any questions, please send an email to