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To: BNSF Carload and Unit Train Customers

BNSF Enhances Trip Plan Information in Tracing Tools

In order to streamline the shipment schedule information provided to carload customers, BNSF has enhanced the look and feel of the Trip Plan information currently available through Unit Trace and My Reports. Beginning Monday, September 13, 2010, you will see more concise and user-friendly information, including:

Ability to change preferences to see either Event Names or Event Codes

    Variance, Elapsed and Scheduled Date/Time columns have been removed to reduce visual clutter

    Access to the same helpful information, but in an easier-to-read format

    See the new format here. 09-07_Carload Trip Plan enhancements2 - screenshot.pdf

    To access the Trip Plan information, simply log in to, click on the Ship tab, and then access the Unit Trace channel. After tracing a railcar, click on the equipment ID and select the Trip Plan option from the menu. Trip Plan information can also be accessed through My Reports by clicking on any unit within the report.

    In addition to the Trip Plan enhancements, customer notifications on the Monitor Shipments tab inside the Notifications channel in the secure have been reformatted to be more user-friendly (to view the new email format, please adjust your Outlook settings to show text messages with Courier New font).

    If you do not have access to the secure, you can register at any time by clicking on the “Register” link in the Customer Login box on the BNSF home page. For help with Trip Plan information, please contact

    If you have any questions, please send an email to