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To: BNSF Shipping Instructions Users

Correct Waybill Errors and Resubmit - Shipping Instructions Tool Enhancement

BNSF’s Shipping Instructions Tool--the secured interactive Web tool that allows you to electronically submit shipping instructions--has recently been enhanced with the new features listed below.

You now have the ability to correct errors on bills submitted through the Shipping Instructions tool at This means you will not need to call the Billing Center to have the corrections made. To resubmit a corrected bill, simply complete the following steps:

      Once you have submitted a bill in Shipping Instructions, go to the Summary page and check the status.
        If you see a status of “Rejected-824” or “Accepted w/Errors-824,” click on the “Detail” button to see the error(s).
          To correct the error(s), click the “Modify Shipping Instructions” link at the top of the page. This will open the shipping instructions entry page.
            Make the update, or change to the appropriate area on the entry page and click the “Transmit” button. Click the “Transmit” button on the next page to confirm.
              Check the status of the newly submitted bill on the Summary page to verify that it has been accepted.
            This tool should be used to correct errors on your waybill. Diversion requests should be submitted via the Shipping Instructions Modification tool.

            If you have questions regarding these enhancements, please contact BNSF eBusiness general help by calling 1-888-428-2673, options 4 and 1, or by sending an e-mail to
     - an easier way to do business.

              If you have any questions, please send an email to