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To: BNSF Carload Customers

New Enhancements to Switch and Release Tool Beginning August 17, 2009

BNSF is making enhancements to the Switch and Release tool inside the secure based on recent customer feedback. Beginning this Monday, August 17, 2009, you will see the following changes inside the “Release” section of the tool:

Event Time Available in Five-Minute Increments
Instead of choosing release time in 30-minute increments, you will be able to choose five-minute increments, giving you more precise release options to meet your business needs.


Shipment Emergency Contact Information Available
You will also have the ability to include Emergency Contact Information when releasing shipments of any commodity. For hazardous materials shipments, Emergency Contact Information (ECI) will be required*. By choosing “Use this ECI for all future shipments”, that contact information will be applied to your Pattern. All future shipments using that pattern will automatically pre-populate the associated contact information.


The Switch and Release tool can be accessed inside the secure on your Home tab under the Applications channel. If you do not have access to the secure, you can register at any time by clicking on the “Register/Login Customer” link at and requesting access to Switch and Release.

For questions about these enhancements, or obtaining access, please contact BNSF eBusiness Help at 888-428-2673, option 4, 1, or email

*This enhancement is not intended to circumvent or change current Hazardous Material Regulations of the Department of Transportation Tariff No. BOE-6000 Item 172.200, referring to shipping paper requirements.

If you have any questions, please send an email to