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New Features to BNSF Railcar Equipment Request Tool

Effective September 29, BNSF’s Railcar Equipment Request (RER) Tool will provide customers with more information on fulfillment of railcar orders to assist in decision making. For the first time, customers will have access to a visual representation of railcar fulfillment performance and will be able to view current and historical performance statistics for each equipment group ordered.

Additionally, in order to identify reasons for railcar demand modifications, customers will now be asked to select one or more change reason(s), such as a modal shift or a change in production levels, when a significant railcar demand change is requested via RER.

Details of these new features are summarized below:

Performance 09-04_RER Change Help Doc - 09-04_RER Change Help Doc - Performance.pdf

  • Provides charts showing railcar order fulfillment based on want date
    • Pie chart showing percentage filled prior to want date, on want date or after want date
    • Bar chart showing distribution of railcar placements around the want date
  • Allows users to select and view, by date range, order fulfillment performance and historical trends
Reason for Equipment Request Change 09-04_RER Change Help Doc - 09-04_RER Change Help Doc - Equipment.pdf
  • Select reason(s) from a dropdown pick list when significant demand change to railcar requested quantities occur
These initial enhancements are part of a multi-phase project to improve the RER Tool for our customers. Additional updates to the Tool will be announced over the next several weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the RER Tool, please contact the BNSF Equipment Team at 888-428-2673 (select option 4, then option 4).

Your business is important to us. Thank you again for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation provider.

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