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BNSF St. Joseph Subdivision Opens and Outlook on Service

Dear Customer,

Following up on my letter of August 26, I’m pleased to report that our St. Joseph Subdivision was reopened on Saturday, September 3. The restored area has held up well thus far, even as flood waters continue to flow under the enhanced bridge infrastructure. We will continue our efforts to monitor and repair the subdivision as necessary to ensure safe train operations. You should start to experience improved service over the next few weeks.

Following the successful reopening, most trains are transitioning back to their normal routes. Transportation crews that were temporarily relocated to handle reroutes are returning to their home terminals. However, portions of the Napier and Omaha Subdivisions remain out of service, resulting in some traffic remaining on alternate routes. We still anticipate reopening those subdivisions in October, pending receding flood waters.

To learn more about our restoration efforts, click here to see our latest video update. Click on the attached photos to see the newly reopened St. Joseph Subdivision.
BNSF Flood Recovery Efforts Sept 3.pdf

Our initiatives to improve service and velocity throughout our network will continue as well. We sincerely appreciate your support and your business. If you have any questions, please contact your Marketing representative.

John P. Lanigan
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

If you have any questions, please send an email to