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To: BNSF Carload Customers

New Umler System Launched August 31, 2009 – Railinc Provides Support

Dear Customer:

Your company may be aware that the new Railinc Umler rail equipment system (commonly referred to as Umler/EMIS) launched on August 31, 2009.

Umler is a 40-year-old legacy system, containing information about rail equipment characteristics, that is used by equipment owners, equipment lessees, shippers, rail carriers, and repair shops for rail industry operations. This enhancement project brings Umler up to 21st century technology standards, and significantly enhances the system’s intelligence, ease of use, data quality, and reporting capabilities. For this project, the rail industry commissioned Railinc, one of their primary Information Technology providers, to build the system.

A major aspect of the new Umler/EMIS system is enhanced visibility of specific equipment components (bearings, truck bolsters, brake pipes, etc.) and their attributes (manufacturer, casting date and series, etc.).

    Mechanical experience shows that the capability to identify and proactively replace high-risk components, instead of running these components to failure, will reduce overall costs to car owners
      This capability lays the foundation, so that in the future, mechanical personnel are able to proactively schedule repair work for components that are at high risk of failure. This additional intelligence helps to keep your cars running more efficiently and cost effectively. Ultimately, this increases your car velocity, by reducing delays due to unscheduled inspections/repairs, and helps prevent derailments, which minimize car loss and damages.

      Railinc Provides Implementation Support
      For several months, Railinc has been proactively reaching out to companies to help prepare them for the new Umler launch on August 31st. As part of their launch, Railinc is offering user training, webinars, and support to help equipment owners, equipment lessees, repair shops, and rail carriers understand the changes being made and how to use this new system.

      Also, Railinc will provide your company with a report of your equipment that may have data quality issues. Railinc needs your help to correct these data quality issues.

      If you have not already been contacted by Railinc, please have your agent or the right person in your company contact and work with Railinc Customer Support. Railinc Customer Support can be contacted at 1.877.RAILINC (877.724.5462).

      For additional information, reference the Railinc attachment or visit


      Rick Margl
      Assistant Vice President – Equipment

      If you have any questions, please send an email to