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Customer Notifications inform BNSF customers of the latest news covering BNSF services, tools, prices and facilities.


01/22/2019BNSF to Introduce New Railcar Management Functionality on Tuesday, January 29th
12/17/2018Initial Report: Train derailment at Birmingham, AL
09/28/2017BNSF to Launch Enhanced Security for Customer Portal on October 14
07/25/2017BNSF to Launch Modernized Customer Portal on August 6
04/17/2017BNSF Railway to Launch Redesigned
01/23/2017Enhancements to eCargo Tool Now Available
11/13/2015BNSF Launches New Tool for Bidding on Transload Services
07/27/2015Enhancements to the Switch and Release Tool
06/18/2015New Functions Available for the Train Origination Request Web Tool
03/02/2015Reminder: Dirty Car Reporting Process for Rail Controlled Equipment
01/29/2015CIS Tool Provides Current Updates on Cargo Incidents
10/29/2014Changes to BNSF Railcar Equipment Request Tool Effective November 15, 2014
09/26/2014REMINDER: New Features to BNSF Railcar Equipment Request Tool
09/04/2014New Features to BNSF Railcar Equipment Request Tool
07/25/2014Enhancements to Web Tools - Carload Shipment Status
05/07/2014Enhancements to the Dirty Car Reporting Tool
04/29/2014Enhancements to the Crude Planning Tool Now Available
02/26/2014New Waybill Details Application Available Now
02/11/2014Receive Invoices of Miscellaneous Charges via EDI 810 or EDI 410 Formats
08/07/2013Plastic Forecast Tool Changing
06/14/2013Enhancements to Rail Central Mobile Maps Now Available
04/25/2013Diversion Enhancement Updates Effective May 5
04/17/2013New Customer Dwell Management Tool
03/28/2013New Customized Rate Profile Tool to Launch April 8, 2013
01/18/2013Rate Request Process Enhancements
11/19/2012Enhancements to the Track Your Shipment Tool on
11/19/2012Enhancements to Rail Central Now Available
11/14/2012Coming Soon: Customer Dwell Management Tool
11/08/2012Refrigerated Boxcar Fleet Now Fully Upgraded
11/01/2012New and Improved Railcar Equipment Request Tool Arriving in November
05/07/2012New "Facility Profile" Tool Shows BNSF's View of Your Facility
05/02/2012Improved Tracing Capabilities for Approved 3PLs
03/29/2012Overloaded Equipment Enhanced Notification Process – Effective March 28, 2012
03/20/2012Rail Carrier Transactions Tool Now Available on
03/12/2012Enhancements to Rail Central Now Available
11/01/2011Enhancements Made to Track Your Shipment Tool
10/03/2011Seal Numbers Now Available in Rail Central Reports
08/01/2011Chat Support Coming to Rail Central August 8
07/18/2011Updates to Secure Customer Website Coming July 24
06/27/2011Enhancements to Price Lookup Tool Now Available on
06/24/2011New Tracking Tool Coming to June 27, 2011
06/17/2011Browser Update Necessary to Access BNSF’s Enhanced Secure Customer Website
05/31/2011New Favorites and Recent History Features Now on
05/25/2011Reminder: Update Your Browser to Continue Using BNSF’s Secure Customer Website
05/04/2011Reminder: How to Receive Overload Notifications
05/02/2011Reminder: BNSF e-Tools Training Sessions Offered Covering BNSF Web-based Applications
04/25/2011Browser Update Needed for BNSF’s Secure Customer Website
03/30/2011New Mobile Site and Tools Now Available
03/24/2011Enhancements to Rail Central Now Available
03/08/2011BNSF e-Tools Training Sessions Offered Covering BNSF Web-based Applications
02/22/2011Refrigerated Boxcar Equipment Request Enhancements Effective February 22
01/17/2011Reminder: Receive Price Authority Information Through BNSF Notifications Channel
01/04/2011Demurrage Invoice and Resolution Notification Now Available on
12/06/2010New No Bill and Rejected Lading Notifications Now Available on
11/19/2010Now Available on New Rail Central
11/12/2010Carload Pipeline Reports Arriving with New Rail Central
11/10/2010Coming Soon to My Reports Becomes New Rail Central
09/17/2010Now Available: New LOGS Bulletin Board
09/08/2010BNSF Enhances Trip Plan Information in Tracing Tools
08/16/2010Now Available: New Shipping Instructions Modifications Tool
08/09/2010Coming Soon to New Shipping Instructions Modifications Tool
07/19/2010BNSF’s Carload Pipeline Reports Tool: Better Railcar Management Leads to Cost Savings
05/10/2010New and Improved Arriving May 17
04/13/2010BNSF e-Tools Training Sessions Offered Covering BNSF Web-Based Applications
03/02/2010New Look and Functionality for Shipping Instructions Modification Tool Coming Soon to
02/02/2010New Carload Shipment Notifications Now Available on
01/08/2010New Carload Shipment Notifications Coming Soon to
12/18/2009Expanded Features Now Available For Carload Pipeline Report Tool
10/06/2009Receive Your Carload Shipment Notifications By Email Later This Year
08/14/2009New Enhancements to Switch and Release Tool Beginning August 17, 2009
03/24/2009Canceled: BNSF e-Tools Training Session in Mandan, ND, on March 25
03/02/2009Reminder: BNSF e-Tools Training Sessions Offered Covering BNSF Web Based Applications
02/09/2009BNSF e-Tools Training Sessions Offered Covering BNSF Web Based Applications
01/17/2009Preliminary Report Derailment at Littleton, Colorado
12/08/2008New Service Change Notification Now Available on
11/14/2008New Enhancement to Service Advisories: Auto-Generated Impacted Units Report
11/12/2008Customer Notifications Channel Now Available on
11/07/2008Bulkhead and Pipe Flatcar Equipment Request Enhancements Effective December 1, 2008
11/04/2008Enhancements to BNSF’s eDemurrage Tool Available November 6, 2008
09/30/2008My Reports to Replace the SCOOP Report Effective October 31, 2008
09/26/2008Reminder: Receive Your Miscellaneous Charges Invoices By Email
09/05/2008Mill Gondola Equipment Request Enhancements Effective September 15, 2008
08/11/2008Redesigned Customer Notifications Tool Makes Managing Subscriptions Easy
07/28/2008Receive Your Miscellaneous Charges Invoices By Email
07/23/2008Refrigerated Boxcar Equipment Request Enhancements Effective July 28, 2008
07/07/2008BNSF Carload Pipeline Report Tool Now Available at
05/02/2008New Shortline Section Available At
05/01/2008Enhancement to Public Price Authority Tool Now Available on
08/21/2007BNSF Carload Customer Transit Report Tool Now Available at
07/31/2007Dirty Car Photo Upload Program Now Available
02/20/2007Overcharge Claims in Account Status
01/31/2007Shipping Instructions Tool Enhancement Hazardous Lookup
12/14/2006My Reports Application Integration
11/08/2006Correct Waybill Errors and Resubmit - Shipping Instructions Tool Enhancement
09/11/2006New Rock Demand Forecasting Tool Effective October 1, 2006
08/21/2006Instant Filters Added to My Reports
07/20/2006Export Enhancement Added to "My Reports"
06/20/2006Hazardous Lookup Shipping Instructions Tool Enhancement

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