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UPDATE: Midwest Flooding Recovery Efforts

Major flooding continues to impact portions of the BNSF network in Iowa and Missouri. Four BNSF subdivisions remain either partially or fully out of service due to high water, track damage or other flood-related issues.

Assisted by mostly dry weather during the past week, water levels have been slowly receding in many locations, particularly north of St. Louis. With the ongoing, aggressive efforts by our BNSF operations and engineering teams, service was restored last Sunday on a portion of the Hannibal Subdivision between Burlington, Iowa and Keokuk, Iowa.

While overall conditions are improving, the near record water levels that were reached coupled with the long duration of this flooding event have caused levee breaches in several locations, specifically along the Napier Subdivision southeast of Omaha, Neb. The aerial photos below highlight the flooding and track damage resulting from recent breaches along the Missouri River in northwestern Missouri.

Napier Subdivision near Watson, Mo. – June 10, 2019

Napier Subdivision near Langdon, Mo. – June 10, 2019

There is no estimated date for when the Napier Subdivision, as well as the other three affected subdivisions adjacent to the Mississippi River in Missouri, will reopen at this time. As water levels recede below major flood stage, and BNSF teams can safely inspect and assess affected areas, we will be able to determine estimates for service restoration.

Unfortunately, an active weather pattern is expected to return to the region this weekend. Current rainfall forecasts indicate that the rate of fall of the major rivers, specifically the Missouri and Mississippi, will likely slow during the week ahead. BNSF teams are also monitoring the risk for renewed flooding across southeastern Kansas and eastern Oklahoma.

For the latest information on the recovery efforts, as well as the remaining flood-related embargoes, please visit our flood recovery webpage.

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We will continue to provide additional updates.

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