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To: BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, May 9

This past week we continued to focus our efforts on improving service and on investments to support our customer’s growth. Overall, our service indicators continue trending in a positive direction since our baseline in early February.

  • Overall volumes were once again strong for the week with 201,663 units moved for the week ending May 3. This strong performance makes two consecutive weeks when we have moved more than 200,000 units on behalf of our customers. This is our highest two-week volume total since mid-November 2013 just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday season.
  • For the week ending May 6, overall on-time performance was five points better than the prior week and nearly 22 points higher than our baseline week in early February.
  • System velocity, which is defined as miles per day (MPD), was down just slightly to 185.9 MPD from 187.1 MPD in the prior week, but is nearly 9 percent better that our baseline week in early February.
  • For the week ending May 6, trains holding counts, which is the number of trains waiting due to congestion or a critical resource, increased slightly when compared to the previous week, but is still down 41.7 percent since the week ending February 7.
Fertilizer Campaign
Yesterday, we provided the Surface Transportation Board with an update on our focused fertilizer campaign, wherein we detailed our plan for the delivery of 52 trainloads of fertilizer over a six-week period in BNSF-direct unit train service. As of the morning of Thursday, May 8, BNSF has originated 38 trainloads of fertilizer since the fertilizer campaign was implemented on April 12, 2014. Of those 38 originated trains, 32 have been delivered to their ultimate destination for unloading.

We also continue to move individual carloads of fertilizer in manifest service, and have handled an additional 13 fertilizer trainloads that we receive in interline service for delivery on BNSF’s network since April 12.

Capital Investment Progress
Last week, we issued a press release announcing the progress we are making on the $5 billion capital expenditures planned for 2014. We highlighted the investment being made along our Northern Corridor where we plan to spend $1 billion to expand capacity, boost velocity and improve traffic flow to support the region’s robust economic growth.

That investment represents 20 percent of the company’s 2014 capital commitment and will help ensure that BNSF can accommodate the rapidly growing demand of various types of traffic all along the corridor.

Highlights of the planned capital projects include:
  • $400 million in Northern Dakota
  • $235 million in Washington
  • $160 million in Montana
  • $150 million in Illinois
  • $120 million in Minnesota
To learn more about planned improvements and those currently underway, see our detailed infographic on BNSF’s 2014 $5 billion capital plan.

BNSF remains committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of our operations so that we can serve our customers in the best possible way. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

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