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To: BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, June 6

Last week, we notified customers that we expect periodic service impacts due to soft track conditions along our Northern Transcon route. While we expected those soft conditions to have improved by now, we continue to experience a very full and sluggish network, which has been caused by less-than-optimal track conditions at multiple locations and service interruptions caused by weather-related derailments including a wind-driven derailment and recent tornado activity. These less-than-optimal conditions mean that we must operate trains at slower speeds to keep our operations running safely and incur periodic service delays while tracks are being repaired.

On both our North and Central region main lines, we are working around the clock to reduce the load on our network and to allow trains currently in route to complete their trips. We reassess track conditions each morning to determine whether we can allow for faster train operations and/or start additional trains that are ready for departure. Returning the network to a strong, overall flow continues to be our priority.

Safe operation is BNSF’s top priority, which means that we must ensure that our people can operate our equipment on tracks that can safely handle our customers’ shipments without incident.

We regret this continuing service challenge. Our employees are working tirelessly to blunt the combined effects of saturated road beds and a persistent rain pattern. By taking the necessary proactive steps to manage the need to slow down traffic on the network, we are confident that we will see velocity improvements in the near term, especially as the weather conditions improve. Early next week, we will issue another update on the status of the network.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you have any questions, please send an email to