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To: BNSF Customers

Service Update for Friday, June 13

Network Performance

This week, as we continue to work through the service-related impacts experienced over the past seven to 14 days caused by soft track conditions, periods of dry, warmer weather are helping to improve the stability of the most troubled subdivisions along our Northern Transcon route.  

Our Glasgow subdivision, which runs from eastern Montana to Minot, ND across our Northern Transcon route, is expected to experience steady, weekly velocity improvements through the month of June and into early July when delays due to slow orders will have declined from a peak of 328 minutes in early June and are projected to be less than 45 minutes. Likewise, our Devils Lake and KO subdivisions, which run from Minot, ND to Hillsborough, ND and Dilworth, ND, respectively, will receive a steady and substantial decrease in the number of “slow orders” for those segments each week through early July as maintenance crews return stability to the subgrades of those sections. Slow orders are requirements for slower train speeds to match the stability of the track. The more stable a section of track is, the faster a train is able to operate.    

Improving weather and ground conditions are allowing us to proceed with maintenance and expansion projects in many areas and we have implemented a variety of operational countermeasures to help improve traffic flow and prevent additional delays and slowdowns. We are managing our traffic flows so that trains currently operating in the Upper Midwest continue to their destinations and new train traffic is managed so as to avoid trouble spots. As you know, operating safely is BNSF’s top priority and we are continuing to take the necessary proactive steps to keep traffic flowing on the network with a safety mindset. 

New Double Track Section 

We are working around the clock to open the first 10 miles of double track along our Glasgow subdivision, which is expected this weekend, with another 10 miles of double track expected to come online the following week.  

New Expanded Automotive Facility Opens

On June 1, 2014, BNSF officially opened Big Lift, a new automotive facility located about 20 miles south of Denver, CO. This new facility takes the place of the Irondale Vehicle Facility, which was located 17 miles Northeast of Denver, CO. BNSF began building this new and expanded facility in 2013 and has invested more than $10 million in its creation. This facility serves an example of the record investments BNSF has been making over the last few years.

Big Lift is designed and strategically located to accommodate the growing demands of automotive shippers. This 65-acre facility has more than three times the acreage of our existing facility and offers more capacity and greater highway access. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we progress toward added capacity, improved velocity and smother traffic flow. 

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