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To: BNSF Coal Customers

Impacts to the Coal Network

In recent months, periodic events have continued to affect BNSF service in the Powder River Basin, including Wyoming and Montana mines. These events include multiple weather conditions along with planned and unplanned outages. The most significant impacts resulted from:

    In September, Colorado experienced historic flooding that affected our North/South route capability, forcing all traffic to route through Lincoln.

    In October, a blizzard in Wyoming and Colorado resulted in the staging of more than 100 trains.

    Additionally, wet pit conditions in the mines have resulted in lost loadings.

Despite adverse weather, we have not met your expectations or our own high standards. In response to these events, BNSF is working hard to improve service by:

    Targeted cancellations of daily MOW windows for the entire region, with a focus along the North Lines and the PRB.

    Strategically diverting trains off of constrained or interrupted routes to regain velocity between service interruptions and MOW.

    Adding surge locomotives into the system to address volume and business-unit set growth.

BNSF will continue to focus on these issues until the network has recovered. Please contact your BNSF representative if you have questions at 888-428-2673. Thank you for your business.

If you have any questions, please send an email to