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St. Paul Intermodal Facility Pre-Mount Program Changes

Effective immediately, the pre-mount reservation program at the BNSF Facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, is suspended. With the expanded capacity the addition of Lot 20 has provided, BNSF has been moving cargo directly to chassis. There is no longer a need for customers to request pre-mount in advance, as all inbound cargo will continue to default to chassis.

Customers can continue to use the BNSF DLL System to inquire about the mounted status of their containers. The Display Intermodal Lot Location query is intended to aid customers in accessing information necessary to expedite Intermodal container pick up and out-gate transactions. If the container is grounded and the information is available, the query result will contain Chassis Initial and Number, Current Station Location, and Current Lot/Row Location. If the container has been notified, the Last Free Day for Storage will also be displayed.

If you have questions regarding this process enhancement, please contact St. Paul Hub Manager Roger Poyer at 651-298-7045, or your BNSF Marketing Representative at 888-428-2673.

Your business is important to us. Thank you again for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

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