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To: BNSF International Intermodal Customers

West Coast Marine Terminal Update

Unresolved labor issues continue to exist at the ports on the West Coast. The most recent development involves the marine terminals in California. The marine terminal operators at the ports of Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach have advised BNSF of their intentions to limit marine terminal labor calls to support their marine terminal operations. A similar action has been done at Pacific Northwest marine terminals. In anticipation of further slow-downs and marine terminal congestion, BNSF is issuing an embargo to be effective Monday, January 5, 2015 for westbound traffic received at interchange points destined for all marine terminals served on the West Coast.

Gate restrictions at BNSF inland points remain in effect as previously communicated, but may be further expanded to ensure that capacity and resources are most effectively deployed for customers across our network.

Should conditions change, we will issue additional updates. We look forward to resolution of this ongoing situation so BNSF can resume normal operations and service to our customers.

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