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To: International Intermodal Customers

Pacific Northwest Marine Terminal Update

Over the past several days, marine terminal operators in the Pacific Northwest advised BNSF and other port customers that there have been periodic labor shortages that have created congestion and a backlog of containers intending to move to and from those ports. The labor situation at those ports remains very fluid and as a result, BNSF must exercise caution in accepting and originating traffic that cannot be processed at certain marine terminals.

As you know, it is important that BNSF efficiently and effectively deploy resources and capacity across the network so we can best serve customers. Bottlenecks in one part of the network can ripple throughout the system creating slowdowns for all traffic flows.

With pipelines to the Port of Seattle returning to normal, gate restrictions to Seattle International Gateway were lifted at all inland points with traffic returning to TSP (Transportation Service Plan). Pipeline levels to the Port of Tacoma terminals remain more congested than normal, requiring that gate restrictions remain in place at Logistics Park Chicago, Cicero and St. Paul for at least another 24-hours. Traffic received at interchange for the Port of Tacoma will continue to flow without restriction to Tacoma terminals.

During this fluid environment, we will continue to work with our customers and terminal operators to keep resources and freight moving without delay and will continue to provide updates regarding restrictions as conditions change.

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