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To: BNSF International Customers and BNSF Equipment Interchange Contract Holders

Establishment of Satellite Lot at St. Paul for Deramped Inbound International Containers Only Effective November 1, 2006

Effective Wednesday, November 1, 2006, BNSF will officially open a new off-site lot located at 799 Arundel Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, which is located at the corner of Arundel and Minnehaha Avenue.

Shipment availability notifications will refer to the location as “Lot 20.”

The facility will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Directions from the St. Paul Intermodal Facility to Lot 20 are included on the attached map.

The new Lot 20 is being utilized to reduce congestion and increase velocity into and out of the St. Paul Intermodal Facility. Steamship container shipments deramping at St. Paul will be available for pick up at the new Lot 20. No lift equipment is available at Lot 20, so it will be necessary for customers to utilize the St. Paul neutral chassis pool. All BNSF Rules and Policies will apply at this new lot.

Questions regarding these changes should be directed to the St. Paul Intermodal Facility at 612-298-7045.

FAC 10-30_New St. Paul Dale Street Lot.ppt

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