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To: BNSF Coal Customers

New Reporting Capabilities for Coal Receiving Locations

BNSF is committed to continuously improving the quality of transportation service provided to our Coal customers. This includes not only investments in rail and infrastructure, but also data management and reporting technologies that can help customers and BNSF achieve operating efficiencies.

Recent enhancements to our train management system can now more accurately capture train movement events in and around your receiving location. This May, we will begin sending you a customized report of your facility’s arrival (spot) and release times to help customers and BNSF monitor time at destinations to improve the flow of the Coal network.

Destination Unloading Free Time Limits
The time allowed for unloading Coal trains at destination, or “Free Time”, is governed by specific contract provisions or by tariff rules to ensure locomotives and railcars turn as contemplated by the agreement. Later this year, our monitoring program will begin billing, in accordance with the terms of the agreement(s), for train delays occurring at destination.

Actively manage and review through eDemurrage
Once our program begins billing, customers can actively manage and review their time, and pay or dispute associated charges through our online eDemurrage tool in the secure

If you do not have a login, you can register by clicking on the “Register/Login Customer” link at
After logging in, to request access to eDemurrage, look under the tab “User Information” on the left-hand side for the “Request Access to more applications” link.
Under the “Manage” section, select “eDemurrage”. From the eDemurrage page, check “I would like to be set up to use this application.” Also check “Please have someone call me at:” for help from the BNSF eBusiness team, and click “Submit.”
After access is granted, you will then see eDemurrage inside under “Applications”
For help with applications, please contact BNSF eBusiness at 888-428-2673, option 4, option 1.

As we implement this new system, please check BNSF’s time report against your own records for any discrepancies. You will receive more information on the program and reports as we get closer to implementation. We appreciate your feedback on both as we work to further streamline the Coal network.

If you have any questions regarding the report or our destination monitoring program, please contact your BNSF Marketing Representative. Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

MN 04-22_Coal Free Time - FAQs.pdf

Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.

If you have any questions, please send an email to