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08/07/2018AAR Offers Free Online Open Top Loading Rules Manual Library
07/23/2018Perishable Boxcar LOGs Auction Beginning July 23, 2018
07/19/2018Lumber/Panel LOGs Auction: Centerbeam Flatcars Postponed
07/11/2018Metals LOGs Auction 1-week July LOGs Permit
07/09/2018Lumber/Panel LOGs Auction Centerbeam Flatcars Postponed
05/15/2018Metals LOGs Auction 1-week May LOGs Permit
05/07/2018Metals LOGs Auction 1-week "End of Month" May LOGs Permit
04/11/2018Metals LOGs Auction 1-week "End of Month" April LOGs Permit
03/23/2018Metals LOGs Auction Beginning April 2, 2018
03/13/2018Metals LOGs Auction 1-week “End of Month” March LOGs Permit

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