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01/24/2020Perishable Boxcar LOGs Auction Beginning February 3, 2020
12/12/2019New Private Car Registration Process Available Beginning December 12, 2019
12/12/2019Lumber/Panel LOGs Rollover and Auction Beginning January 20, 2020
12/09/2019Train Origination Request Policy Changes Effective January 6, 2020
12/03/2019AAR Open Top Loading Rules – Solicitation for Comments
11/18/20196200-B Diversion Policy Adjustment Effective January 1, 2020
11/11/2019REMINDER: Despacho Previo Rule Changes Effective November 18, 2019
10/28/2019Despacho Previo Rule Changes Effective November 18, 2019
10/09/2019Reminder: Complying with AAR Loading Rules
09/11/2019Reminder: Securing Centerbeam Cars

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