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To: All BNSF Agricultural Products Customers

Discounted Ethanol Rate Will be Offered for DOT 117J Tank Cars

BNSF is committed to ensuring that all ethanol moves as safely as possible. We are working with our customers to enable the transition of the next generation DOT 117J tank cars into ethanol service as soon as practicable.

In order to help facilitate the transition to DOT 117J tank cars, BNSF will be offering a discounted rate of $300 per ethanol carload for shipments using 117J tank cars starting October 1, 2020 vs shipments using 117R tank cars. Please direct any questions regarding these changes to Erin Alves, Manager Biofuels at 817-867-6713 or Kristin Hansen, Director Biofuels and Bulkfoods 817-352-3346.

BNSF continually works to reduce risk in the transportation of all of our commodities; and nothing is more important than operating safely. We appreciate your assistance in moving your business the safest way possible.

This Pricing Update is intended to notify BNSF customers of changes to existing rates or price structures.

If you have any questions, please send an email to