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To: All BNSF Customers

UPDATE: Additional Flooding Issues Impacting BNSF Operations

Major flooding continues to cause significant disruptions to normal traffic flows through central areas of the BNSF network. While weather conditions have improved during the past 48 hours, water levels are still rising in many locations, particularly in Missouri.

On the Marceline Subdivision, part of our Southern Transcon route between southern California and Chicago, a breached levee was reported early this morning, and a washout of both main lines occurred near Bosworth, Missouri. BNSF engineering teams are addressing track conditions and expect to have service restored through this location later today.

With receding water levels in Nebraska, BNSF crews were able to restore service yesterday on both the St. Joseph and Omaha subdivisions. Multiple levee breaches in northern Missouri yesterday, however, have negatively impacted current service outages involving our Brookfield and Hannibal subdivisions. The breach of a levee near West Quincy, Mo. also prompted the evacuations of several communities in the area.

Additional levee breaches are possible during the next few days as the Mississippi River is at or near all-time record levels. While the Brookfield Sub at West Quincy may reopen as early as next week, no current estimate on service restoration of either the Hannibal or River Subdivision is available at this time.

Customers with shipments designated to move through this region should expected delays and extended transit times due to the flood-related outages. BNSF continues to re-route trains around affected areas as much as possible to minimize disruption to traffic flows.

If you have questions about your shipment(s), please contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673.

For more information on BNSF flood recovery efforts, including the latest service outages map and current list of flood-related embargoes, please visit our flood recovery webpage: If you are affected by any of these embargoes, information on making freight diversion requests is also available on this page.

We appreciate your patience as we address this challenging environment. We will continue to provide customers with further updates.

If you have any questions, please send an email to